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August 2010 Update

You've all been asking for it!! Katia finally wrote her review. Click here to read it. Here is an excerpt:

" I was in a fierce custody battle with my ex-spouse for custody of my child and I went from being confused and overwhelmed to succeeding in my custody battle. The tips I recieved from the Ebook Child Custody Strategies 2009 taught me how to make my child custody case stronger in front of the judge (the book has asked judges and lawyers about how they see things, and you benefit from their research). Don't forget the golden rule in law - how you present your case to the judge is key. " Click here to read more or Click here to go to the book's site.

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July 2010 Update

Katia got custody of her daughter! She owes a lot to a book she read. She'll be releasing a review soon reviewing the book. In this book review, she reviews a book she says helped her called Child Custody Strategies 2008 written by two authors who are specialists in getting custody.

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This site was spawned by a handful of men and women who had recently gotten divorced and had fought for child custody. This site was started in order to help others deal with the difficult process of child custody. A child custody battle is a very stressfull time and it is normal to feel overwhelmed with everything that is going on. We will try and help you in getting custody of your child by provinding you with crucial information.

Child Custody is not parent specific. We do not dedicate ourselves to only father's custody rights or a mother's custody rights, we provide general custody information to the public and we hope that the result of this will be beneficial for people and especially the children involved in the custody battle.

Feel free to roam around the site. We strongly suggest that you start off by visiting the Custody Steps section as it provides a lot of useful child custody information including a brand new custody book review. The book is entitled Child Custody Strategies 2008, to go to the book's website, click here. Additionally, check out the child custody laws section as that will be very helpful in your custody battle.

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Child Custody Site Updates

Feb 14 2010 - by Carl

Katia has recently reviewed a brand new child custody book that critics are loving and is taking the child custody industry by storm and helping out a lot of people (Click Here to read review). This book has recieved such an immense response in the USA and Canada that we have decided to place it in our Steps section.

Feb 12 2010

If you're looking for a custody attorney you need to read a new article we have posted. It outlines a service that allows you to find a custody lawyer online based solely on your case for free. It's a great service that finds the perfect custody attorney for you. The second service allows you to file for divorce online. Read the article here

Feb 11 2010

We've added an article outlining the different Types of Custody Agreements.

Jan 30 2010

Jaime Wallis has finished a really interesting article about divorce - namely quick divorces. This article discusses different types of divorce proceedings and such. Read the Article